Friday, April 29, 2011


haiii so its sarah and i just wanted to let u know i HATE gym!! our gym teacher coach like loves me but just dont enjoy gym, never have, never will. first of all we have to run for 20 minutes!!!!! i hate running soooo much. we never even play games anymore we just do sports && fitness. why cant we play peel the banana again???? lmao jk. ok so yesterday i had gym and some guy in my grade borrowed coaches ball for recess and it never got returned and since im quite coach made me go look for it and i couldnt find it so he then sent out like 3 other people to find it but no one did so we ended up playing with a soccer ball and i didnt mind until it hit me in the arm and it really hurt! oh yah i forgot to mention we played kickball! i hate kickball like everything else we play in gym! gtg going to a pizza party!
lots of love
sarah <3